Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missing the Point

Sitting in the sun, feeling the yellow warm my freckled skin.

Right, but do you love me?

Eating a meal that teases my tingling tastes and delights me.

Well, that's all good, but do you love me?

Sitting on the bow of a boat, racing across deep blue wakes, wind whipping through my hair.

All good and everything, but... really... do you love me?

Laughing with a friend until my guts feel like they might bust.

Yep, that's super. I get it.  I have a question though.  Do you love me?

An hour in a hammock, reading a book that has me disappear into lands unknown.

Nice, truly.  I really dug that, I did.  Yet, do you love me?

Walking through the door to a burst of joyful "surprise!!!" and faces I adore.

Oh man, that was cool.  I'm not clear on something though.  Do you love me?

A walk through an art museum, intoxicated by the truth of others.

Nothing better, really.  I have a question though.  Do you love me?

Spending time with a friend, sharing, having real conversation, touching one another deeply.

Mmm. Yeah.... I see what you're saying. I hear you, I do. It's just....

Do you love me?

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