Saturday, April 09, 2005

April 9th

Joy. Sacred. balloons and flowers and sunshine and laughter and



The delicious languid pain
of needing what is not clear
i feel it now. right now.
i feel you and want you and need you and desire for nothing more than you.
how is it that it was you who left my life. my sight. my touch. my life. my life. my life.
it hurts.
i miss you with every day that comes. every delight i have. every love i know.
it hurts.
it will always hurt. won't it.
it was this day long ago. a second ago.
our souls burst into two from a messy, meshy, mass of one. of you.
and we danced together for a minute. was it only a minute? or a lifetime. or inside out moments that equal nothing. and everything.
it hurts.
and i miss you.


Are you there, in Neverland?
just beyond a veil that in my hardened earth mind
I cannot see?
Are you there, in Neverland?
can you feel my breathe my heartbeat my every tiny pore
in neverland?
Are the stars the same there
The chill of night and warmth of yellow
Do children cry and laugh and run
do you see me
Are you there, in Neverland?
with fairy dust and eyes squinched tight
with wish and heart to burst
Are you there, in Neverland?