Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Under Your Hands

Under your hands
My mind frozen in helpless pause,
my body turned to golden clay
under your knowing touch.

Under your hands
My soul breaks opens to a million glittering sparkles
as I anticipate the magic
that might tread upon my skin.

Under your hands
My breath awaits your consult

and holds
and releases

according to the dance that you choreograph.

Out of nowhere. And everywhere.

Under your hands
Time simply
and I feel nothing


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Love.

There you are

I love you like a leaf greets the morning's dew
with joy,
expectation, and
With breathtaking relief after the dryness of a day's sun and the darkness of night, you come with the breaking of the yellow sun.

Our love.

I could not have written it
or found it
or sought it
on my own.

Perhaps it comes from a far away, forever sort of place.

People look at it through opened windows,
and smile, thinking,
They have a good thing. Seems nice. Seems real.

Honestly, they have no idea, do they......

Our love does not include some of the same tethers
or requirements, shoulds or possessiveness that our world has written as rules .
We trust one another to be exactly who we need to be.

I watch you dive into your world from the sidelines, knowing you are loving what I cannot love. You let me run and laugh and be, knowing I am loving what you cannot love.

And at night, after our days
of often independent lives,

We lie together

I am ever