Monday, July 20, 2009

I much prefer

I much prefer sunshine
yellow and warm finding every crevice and crack in my being
melding into me
reminding me of who i am.

I much prefer bliss
Ecstatic overflowing joy
tickling my everything
no where for sorrow to take hold

I much prefer peace
the state of still waters
a knowing that no matter what has come or will
all is well

I much prefer love
the all encompassing dance made of blues and oranges
reds and purples
connecting me to you
me to all

I much prefer dancing
the whirl of skirts and smiles
colors and music entwined in
happy surrender

I much prefer the knowing that I am part of all that brings laughter and fulfillment and creation and hope and joy and peace and love.

only in the occasional absence
of that which i prefer
i truly
it's truth.