Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Feeling still. A question i heard today: if your life would never change from this moment, how would you feel? what would you have to work on to be at peace with it? I would have to work on acceptance. Acceptance of my body, of my relationships, of other people's choices.

I'm in this quiet house, slowly becoming my home. It is the beginning of my third week here in Las Vegas. I am loving living in a house, and I am loving living with Eric who has become my husband. What a wonderful place to be. I have been internally hard on myself for not getting up, getting everything done immediately, finding a good paying job, etc. It is clear that there are things for me to work on. This time is an opportunity for me to grow, take risks, look honestly at myself and my choices. Perhaps I could stand to stop berating myself and just move forward as the road presents itself.