Monday, September 02, 2013

Too Expensive

It was delicious
perfect in so many ways.

She loved it more than almost everything.


It wasn't free.

He paid in stress, fear and risk.
She paid in money.

It wasn't free.

Interestingly, he lost the ability to pay before she did.
But she would have.

That beautiful thing that made her lose

her head
her heart
her mind
her thoughts
her reason

is no longer being funded.
with money and not with risk.

She keeps kicking it
shaking it
screaming at it
grabbing onto the nothing of it
crying into the space that it held

trying to make it
continue running.

It ran so well.
so perfectly.
like a dancing ballerina inside a music box
playing the most delightful and exotic tune.

The thing is,
and what she failed to accept
is that it could not
keep running


Not this time around.

Her heart does not understand
that this thing
that was like a dream
and was so perfect
didn't belong here

for now.

Though she knows
with everything that she is
that it lives truly in a
somewhere that she cannot get to,

It was simply too expensive
to be here

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