Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Way it Is

Seems like there's always something going on.
Something to recover from.
Something to work through.
Something to challenge and to conquer.

Seems like there's always something

A heartbreak.
A disappointment.
A driver that gets in my way.
A question that I cannot easily answer.

Even just after I
the most beautiful
rise of our star


the most delicious hug
or breathtaking connected conversation with a friend
or a phone call
I've been waiting for
but didn't even know it


a quiet, full of nothing and everything moment
while I rub the belly of my
innocent dog.

There is something.

The memory of that time that hurt so much,
The rejection from that person that I thought I needed.
The loss of what I thought was the core of me.
The boss that doesn't appreciate me.
The midnight trips to the freezer for ice cream.
The argument from a million years ago that still echoes in my mind.

There is                  always                    something.

Seems like that's just the way it is.

Experience beauty
work through stuff that challenges me.

And maybe
that's just the way
it is
supposed to


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