Thursday, May 09, 2013


"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. ~ Aristotle

What exists between you and me
is the only thing like that
that exists
in all of creation.
There is the thing that is you
and the thing that is me

and there is then
the thing that exists between
made of the stuff of you and
the stuff of me.

like paints mixing on a palette
like lemon juice mixed into sugar water
like salt and pepper in a bowl together
like harmonies

forever entwined
having become something all it's own

between us.
It could and can and will
exist anywhere
between any other someones

What exists between you and me, friend,
is a thing

a living, breathing, dancing, speaking, loving, laughing, learning, being

When we became friends, you and I,
life breathed into that brand new something

like air into a balloon

and it began to                             float

          and dance on the breeze

and bounce on the ground              along          a     path        in    Central    Park

and hide behind

and tie to the branch of a high, high tree.

It became a something
that will always be.

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