Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Change has happened.

Change has happened.

That's almost funny to express. As...
When does change not happen?

Every moment in every place from Utah to the farthest reaches of the least known universe

Change is happening

without cease.

Change has happened in me.
In my world.
Change that challenges my deepest resistances.
My oldest fears.
My weakest link.
My most tender place.
Change, again, has come
to remind me that it always will.

It is not change that you can see
from where you are.
From where you sit, you see nothing different.
My body, my home, my family, my work.  Same.

change has happened.
It's not change that I will explain
or describe
or divulge

but change indeed has come
in a dose that has raised my hackles and demands my attention and requires that I stand up and take notice of just what I had failed to see.

Change has happened.

Stephen Hawking said, "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."
Isn't it though.
Whether that change is the loss of the musculature, or the loss of a parent, or the end of an education, or the corruption of something trusted, or the leaving of a place, or the end of a faith.

It is the ability to face what is so
and build
rather than sink

to create
rather than be blinded

to observe
rather than be victimized.

Intelligence.  No one said it would be easy.

Change has happened

and I sometimes question my own intelligence.
One moment
brilliance and light.
The next
abject ignorance and the temper tantrum of a wild, flailing child in the darkness.

Change begins the very moment any thing comes into existence,
you see.
Even the things you stand on now, with the confidence of Caesar.
You raise your hands and expose your heart knowing that those things are yours, beyond any threat,
and always will be.
As you stamp your foot on the solidity of your

expectations of others

the cracks of change have begun.

Change has happened.

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