Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shall I?

Shall i come to you?
Shall i?

Will i walk toward you and realize that that
there is no difference between
what makes you you
and what
makes me me?

That we are both part of the same
spectacular painting.

Might I move toward the beauty and uniqueness
of who you are?


that there is nothing
that who you are
take from who i am.

There is only more than can
be had
by both of us.

An indulgent feast of life.

Combing colors of you
with colors of me.
creating breath taking awareness of truth,
full of texture and newness and depth before not known.

Won't I experience the awe of abundance?
The richness not of gold or diamonds,
but of life.
Of sharing the breath that gives life to life.


The wonder of relationship.

Might i look toward you and realize that there is no
barrier between us?
That it is only an illusion...
a lie
that keeps me
housed within the guise of walls
that I experience as surrounding me.

Can i?
Take the risk to give?
to take?
to blend and experience?
to dance with that and who which is not familiar to my human
To challenge the lie that there is something to lose?

Perhaps I could.
Perhaps I will.

With arms open and heart accepting,
come to you.
And releasing the lie that there is division
fall deeply in love
with the rest of me.
the rest of you.

I think I might.

much more
than the walls
of this


I shall come to you.
and I shall know.



keysunset said...

Just yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend & teacher that touched on some of the thoughts in this piece. In sum, that once a person realizes that each person is not all of who they really are and that in between us is the time and space to become even more than each of us alone. To become something beyond ourselves, and hopefully, something more nobler than we are on our own.

Write on, whitney, write on!

Jamie said...

Absolutely amazing!