Wednesday, August 16, 2006


i don't like guns.
i think they are part of the problem.

i believe that everything has an energy which effects the world.
i don't like the energy of guns.

they are created only for hurting.

you might say for protecting.
protecting with violence.
with bloodshed.
with ripped flesh.
protecting with hate.

I can't accept it.
i can't.
I don't want it near me.

I believe that the energy I put out attracts back to me.

I put out love.
I do not put out violence.
I do not expect violence.
I expect love.

From there, I have to trust.

Should I be in a situation where I might find a gun handy, then so be it.
I face it. However I can. The best I can.

There are too many factors.
Too many directions.
Too many unknowns.
Too many......

call me naive.
I call myself protected.

1 comment:

keysunset said...

i don't like the energy of guns.

I like the way you worded that.

I don't like the energy of guns either. I grew up with dad and brothers who liked to hunt and fish and I thought nothing of it at the time.

Now it freaks me out to go to my brothers and see their gun collections. There is a lot more to the energy of guns than a few "fun" hours in the woods ...

I don't like the energy of guns.