Saturday, May 06, 2006

too cool

you know,
i've (perhaps erroneously) always thought i was rather on the hip side of life. you know, the right clothes, the right attitude, the right look.
not perfect by any stretch, but cute, and definitely in the realm of cool.
then last night i went to the beauty bar in vegas. off strip, seedy part of town, working girls and meth users wandering the street outside.
trendy in an, 'i'm so cool i've actually surpassed thinking actual beauty is beautiful' kind of way. inside, a dj spinning actual LPs. the base and the smoke thick and oppressive.

then...the people.

the kids.

goth rock hair, the 80's decade back in vogue like leg warmers and ripped fish nets have never graced our ill fated fashion sense before.
pat benetar reincarnated in 22 year old girls -- and boys.
crop circles opening up in gyrating crowds to expose break dancing dance-offs.

break dancing back? oh my god.

even mena suvari was there with her 20something, dreads in a knit cap, grungy oversized jeans, bustin a move boyfriend.

i have accepted the truth.

i am not on the hip side of life.

you'd think my walmart koolots would have tipped me off.


sheri johnson said...

hilarious! sad but true!
we are cool is a been there done that kind of way!
we are so cool.. we don't need to be cool!

Jena said...

So funny...

Cool and hip is also a frame of mind...not always appearance. You ARE cool and hip, Whitney! :) You have a cool and hip way of approaching life and people. That is something all those 20somethings may not have! Something to ponder...

Sid F'er said...

I've never fooled myself into thinking I was ever hip... but now I'm just trying not to look like a narc when I make it to those joints.

Sid F'er said...

leg warmers and ripped fish nets

Mmmmmm..... If you tell me you saw any Princess Reeboks with the velcro I'm booking my plane ticket right now.

Anonymous said...

I went to find some shoes and realized that they were all either pointy toed which hurt my feet or are replicas of the shoes I wore to my 8th grade graduation dance when we danced to Celebration AND IT WAS A NEW SONG!