Tuesday, April 11, 2006


you're coasting along just certain that life is going to accomodate your every plan and whim and FLAM! no such luck. now. CAN I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH? that is the real question.

so what if i DON'T start my MSW in the fall? How will I use my year? How will I make it count?

Ideas are swirling. It's an opportunity, not a problem. Right?


Sid F'er said...

Huge opportunity. Do it now, whatever it is. Don't let it get away.

keysunset said...

Good grief! I think the planets are in some sort of alignment to bring us all to the same spot.

I am trying to sort out if finishing an undergraduate degree is where I need to go with my life. Sid's trying to kick my butt too. But's it's kinda big, he might break his toe.


Best wishes to you Whitney, what ever you decide!